Brotherhood Wins Millions of Dollars Playing Poker on The Internet

Vietnamese children make poker on the Internet a profession and win millions of dollars.Spending all of your savings on card gambling is a scary thing not a few people. But for Dang sisters, betting with hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in playing poker on the Internet is like a job.

“This is not gambling, but rather routine,” said Di, 28, the brother. “The game needs the most strategies and numbers. We gamble as people work on investments in real estate or capital markets. They buy not a little and find 55 to 60 percent of investment. For the long term, the victory will cover losses and actually profit. We won 55 to 60 percent of our game. ”

The two Vietnamese siblings began playing online poker while still studying at the University of Virginia tips department. The stakes were still small, so they realized that they were pretty good at playing them.Based on their information, the time to jump into the world of poker is the most appropriate. When they started, poker on the Internet was still quite new, the economy was good, and there were not a few “fish”, or poker terms about someone who was not very good at playing but dared to put his money.

“We don’t know what we are doing,” said Di, who used the alias “urindanger” when playing. “We have a strong mathematical background, we are the most competitive and we like strategy. We choose to play poker in our spare time. ”

Initially they opened an account containing 200 US dollars, and immediately lost. Then they concluded trying to bet 200 dollars and “never stopped since then,” said Hac, who used the name “trex313” in the online gambling world. Their competitive nature towards one another encourages them to play better.

“We got 10 dollars per hour from playing poker at poker online.”I started making 15 dollars, and that made me want to be better, and so on, rolling like a snowball,” Hac said.

Although competitive, brothers and sisters who are celebrities in the online poker world, collect winning money so they can bet more. Working together, both of them make less money than college colleagues who work part-time as servants, for example. And the winnings continue to accumulate. Suddenly, the money in their bank savings reached 100,000 dollars. On one spring break, they won 40,000 dollars and soon their money was raised by 500,000 dollars.

Both stated that poker was interfering with their lectures. It takes five years to graduate, or one year longer than it should, and Hac barely passes one of the courses he needs to graduate on time. The brother said that the Chinese New Year was the biggest driver for their love of gambling.

“If the Chinese New Year doesn’t exist, I don’t think Asians will like gambling too much,” Hac said. “When we were little, we learned to play blackjack, bet money and dollars, and it was nice not to play if we won a number of dollars. Without all this, it could be that we become professional poker players reduced by 50 percent. ”

Despite learning to gamble from a family environment, their parents, who immigrated to the United States from Vietnam in 1975, did not support their decision to make poker a profession.

“In many Asian families, of course there is one uncle who loses his money because he plays blackjack or purchases a lotto ticket,” Hac said. “When our parents heard that we were playing poker in our spare time, our father said,” I didn’t send you college here to play poker. I take you to college so you get a degree, work and live better. I don’t want you to throw money to gamble. You can do that without having to have a degree. ” Their father did not allow them to play at home, so they went to an Internet cafe to play.

Their extended family is also not happy with the prevalence. Shortly after graduating from college, the siblings came to a family meeting and got not a few questions about what they would do after graduation. When they wrote that they would gamble professionally, all relatives saw that the choice was not good.

But at the end of parent and large family they understand, maybe because in practice Hac and Di are most proficient in doing their work. Both bought their parents to live on the outskirts of Virgnia, Washington DC, and a location resided for their grandparents. The money from playing poker also allows the father to retire early as a civil servant. “It feels good because our parents have worked hard for family use,” Di said.

While both are still good at playing poker, there is a premonition that they might stop.
One factor is that Internet gambling is being banned in America. In 2006, Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which provides strict restrictions on online gambling. In April 2011, the government blocked three very popular poker websites in the world.

This prompted the two brothers to live in Vancouver, Canada, where Hac often went to play online poker. He often traveled to the Asian gambling center in Macau, and both routinely visited Las Vegas.

The economic crisis also made the amount of money won reduced, said the brother’s brother. In addition, along with the development of the game, there were not a few “fish” in the sea, and the rest were skilled gamblers who created the two brothers who were increasingly difficult to win large amounts of money. “Days with millions of dollars in wins are rare now,” Di said.

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