The Number of Jackpot Machines in Batam is Almost The Same at Two Casinos in Singapore

It is almost guaranteed that the number of gambling machine units in all the Gelper Games in Batam is almost the same as the number of Jackpot machines in the two Casino located in Singapore. To convince the number of dollar suction machines, tracked directly to Singapore on Thursday and Friday.

As a result, at Casino Marina Bay Sands (MBS) whose shares have been controlled by the Japanese conglomerate, there are 1,500 units. While in Sentosa, Malaysia’s Genting Casino Group has 1,700 units. Indeed, in addition to the Jackpot gambling machine there are not a few other types of gambling tables there like gambling baccarat, roulet, pocker and others (non jackpot). Not to mention the online gambling domination like Sportsbook are scattered throughout South-East Asia.

But this dollar suction gambling machine still stands out there showing the characteristics of a casino anywhere in this part of the world. While the results of the investigation in Batam, the number of Jackpot machines on the island is estimated to number 3,000. Located in nearly 25 game venues in several districts in the city. This Jackpot machine has two types, the first type can only be operated by one player, the second type of Jackpot can be played by 5-10 people.

This gambling under the guise of Gelper is licensed by the Batam Government. Some don’t have permission from anywhere. In each arena the gelper game has an average of 200 rupiah suction machines. Indeed, in each arena in Batam, the number of units is not the same, varies. There are only 100 units, some up to 300 units.

It is amazing to witness the number of Jackpot machines in Batam. On this island, which has a population of only 1.5 million people, it is thought that around 5000 Batam people are sticky at their gambling each day. They alternately (go in and out) one another, morning, noon and night waste their money there.

Based on the information from the observation, 98 percent of the people who were sound players in the gambling machine in Batam. The rest are from outside Batam.

While all gamblers at the two Casino in Singapore are dominated by foreign residents for the remaining 99.9 percent of Singaporeans themselves.
“Yes, not many Singaporeans play here. Everyday the population of different and influential countries is dominated by Indonesia, “said Yang Hap Tan, an Indonesian youth who works as a host on SBM.

The number of Singaporeans is estimated to be 5.3 million. That is, if you look at the percentage of Singaporean animosities that are addictive compared to the number of Batam residents in the arena of “habit” gelper, the city population led by Mayor Rudi is more vibrant.

From the results of the tracking and a statement from the technician of the Jackpot gambling machine in Batam that the Jackpot machine game model in Singapore with the one in Batam is not much different. “The gelper machine, yes, is the same as the jackpot engine in Singapore,” said a jackpot technician in Batam who declined to be named. The difference is, it can be the Casino with the latest models. While those in Batam have been “old school”

But, he said, in the beginning this machine could defeat the printing of state funds in the matter of printing money. He said, it was only in Batam the name of the Jackpot machine was replaced, the Mayor became gelper.
“That’s just a disguise. “The deceit is the mayor, or the staff,” he said.

The technician of the Jackpot chips machine technician this one has for years worked in this profession. He started his debut working as a technician helper in a number of Jackpot gambling games in Burma and Vietnam.
In the past five years he has worked in Indonesia. Formerly as an exclusive technician at the Jackpot arena in the Mangga Besar area in Jakarta and in three years settled in Batam with the same profession. Now, he, is still active as a technician in the program of chips for gambling machines in Batam.

He was willing to be interviewed, even because he was connected through networking with different people who had been “TsT” aka knew the same. Only one agreement in this secret diplomacy: his name and identity must be protected. All the money at the Batam Bank can also be swept in the Gelper machine Furthermore, the technician suggested that playing on the gelper machine was created as entertainment, not for betting.

But not a few people look at playing on the Jackpot machine can earn money and win a lot. “It’s not going to coiii,” he said as he waved his palm one hand as if he said he didn’t have to do it. “Let alone the whole house, the money that is found in all banks in Batam, even if it is taken to bet on the gelper machine, it is sold out too” continued the source.

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