Chengdu Beauty College Students Play Poker To Win The Chinese Championship

A sophomore girl from Chengdu recently teamed up to win the Chinese Poker Championship at a global poker tournament. Beautiful appearance has attracted little attention. He revealed that the key to playing poker lies in managing emotions. They will also represent China in Las Vegas to participate in the global finals beginning next year.

Chengdu Business Daily reported that the girl’s name is Yu Ling-han, dubbed “Seventeen Girl”, and only 20 years old this year. In April 2016, he participated in the Shenzhen Asian Tour station and was known as the “Asian Tournament Goddess.” In March of this year, he became a familiar Texas Hold’em player at Chengdu Electronic Science and Technology University.

The “seventeen girls” beneath the stadium smile like a girl next door, but once they land on the table, they are like treating someone. One by one the chips rotated in his hand as if he were still alive. “Seventeen Girls” writes that when he was in high school, he was officially exposed to Texas Hold’em. “I felt the funniest and I tried it, I did not aspire to like it.”

“Seventeen younger siblings,” said: “The reason why such as Texas Hold’em, because I think girls are often emotional outcomes, more thought incomplete, but this game requires a whole global thinking my parents are more enlightened, they feel the poker atmosphere in Like playing the mahjong, as long as it is not gambling, it is also a kind of entertainment, of course, confrontation in the competition will motivate themselves to work on risk management while bravely advancing and seizing opportunities. ”

Reporting that “seventeen younger siblings” believes, Texas Hold’em is the need to continue to learn and enhance the self-discipline’s strict self-discipline, “long-term play on magic and not a little connection between our theoretical knowledge, financial management, emotional management. Because every game when Ada can lose, I think the usual process of this game is training. “The unsatisfactory result is my mental training.”

He writes that once he has signs of emotional loss, he immediately leaves the table and if he can stop at the game, he will appear for one round. However, not a few people lose control of their emotions.

Today, “Seven Sisters” has a high annual salary. According to him, there are six numbers. His final award was the Global Poker League GPL Championship of China, eight members of the Chengdu Pandas team received a million prizes.

This beautiful girl has never thought she will be making money from this kind of work, life really know how to turn people wondering. That is life you can called it.

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