The First Poker Strategy for Beginners to Become a Professionals

Some people write that playing poker is easy to start. It’s exciting and challenging to create poker into reality. “Poker Strategy” will provide you with plenty of resources to help you become a regular poker game winner. This page introduces common poker techniques and strategies, and takes links to other poker game strategy and tips.

The basic poker strategy contains not a few concepts that we must combine to become a constant winner at the poker table. The most important basic ideas are four:

1) Choose our hand carefully

2) Active attack

3) Adaptation

4) Defeat the enemy and pursue forward

Given the 4 points above will help you improve your skills. These four points are like colors on the painter’s palette, Everyone is free to swing and clever.

Beginner’s choice

Please assume clear before we play poker to win or entertainment? To maintain a certain level of victory for long periods of time, most times and efforts are needed. In other words, this requires not a bit of hard work. Playing poker as entertainment is very good, but even so, I believe there is nothing that will aim to lose the card. Determine the destination and the attitude of playing poker and put on the table, you will have more fun. Its the same when you playing sportsbook, it takes deep dive analysis to define which team who will win, and what odds is the most advantage, you can try to learn at one of the most famous sportsbook in Asia, which is daftar maxbet.

Mentality rate records

Even the best poker players in the world have lost time. It is impractical to ask yourself to win. As long as you do your best at the moment, licenses and recordings will increase naturally.

Many players are too concerned to win or lose and think that this is the only criterion to assess their strength. If you divert your goals from winning or losing in each movement, you’ll get better and better.

Poker is a math game

Poker is a math game, a math game with incomplete information. It sounds complicated, but in reality it is simple, for a very basic example, careful selection of hands is the first step to winning. The better the initial hand, the higher the chance of winning, and finding the best starting hand and giving the whole table. The less often you take notes, the more you will win all the games.

After starting, step by step

The initial hand is an urgent foundation for winning cards, but this is purely one step. When we master the points to choose the initial hand, you can also use the opposite artificial hand tactics under different conditions. Then you must play in your hands. Each round takes a break. The biggest difference between a professional player and an amateur player is not the selection of the starting hand, but the player’s performance will be.

Especially the end of each match. Professional players have few skills, like calculating pot expectations, knowing the opposite betting pattern, bluffing, taking advantage of position, and so on. Although the sharpening ability can take a number of years, it is invaluable because when a player’s game moves a small stage, the whole list will be a big step forward.

Always stay calm

Tranquility is a different element of success. If we do not support ourselves from your emotions, this can be an opportunity for your opponent. Emotional play makes it easy to create wrong decisions, resulting in lost cards. Emotions are inevitable, and sometimes the best technique to respond is to leave the game temporarily and rest for about 10 minutes before continuing. This game is not uncommon times available, although it does not matter when it opens tomorrow

Texas Hold’em Poker – Rules That You Should Know Before Even Thinking of Playing

Texas Hold’em is a very popular poker game in the world, and almost all major poker tournaments are Texas Hold’em. The Texas Hold’em bet is limited to limits and there are no restrictions, the rules are easy to learn, but it takes years to master Texas Hold’em. This section will introduce the basic rules and behavior of Texas Hold’em.

How to play Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em uses 52 standard cards, with players ranging from 2 to 10 players. Before the license, the player must first conclude the nominal “Banker”. Dealers do not need to issue cards (online poker table rooms are automatically handled, and games directly handled by casino dealers.) The “” button can be used to identify dealers, and the position of buttons is the dealer. The position of the dealer to judge which of the two players must force the “blind” (two players will be blind before watching the hole, to the point of calling it) In the blind list, the next player in the direction of the dealer’s hands must play “small blind” and the next player to play “blind big, “which is often twice the number of small blinds.The players on the table take turns, the makers, and take turns picking up the small blind and the big blind.

Once the curtain has been placed, all players will send 2 face-to-face cards, known as bottom cards, which can only be seen by players. Furthermore, five community cards will be published in order and given by all players. Each player can combine the best five-card deck of the seven above.
Four rounds of bets
Pre-flop – the first betting round
After the card is shared, before the first three public cards (i.e., “clips”) are issued, they are called “before failing”. All players have watched their own cards this time, starting the first round of betting and action, starting from the next player in the dealer’s clockwise direction.

When a player comes to action, the player’s actions include:
An example of a Texas Hold’em table look in a pre-flop betting round.

Placard: Hand over our hands and not be able to play a hand. After the cards are handed out, we will not be able to win the pot, nor will we be able to return to the pot, curtains.

Calls: This means the amount of wagers is equal to the number of previous player bets, indicating that we continue to play this hand. Please note that after failing, if you have never installed a player bet, you can choose to check.

Raise: The stakes are higher than previous players’ bets. If previously we have not been honored by the players, you can improve yourself.

An example of a Texas Hold’em table look in the betting round fails.
Flop – Second Bet
After the first betting round ended, 3 community cards will be issued, called “flops,” and then the second round of the bet will start, unlocked from the next player in the counter-clockwise direction.
Turn – Third Round Bet
After the second round of bets ends, a fourth public card will be issued, called “lap,” and a third bet will start.
River Card – Round 4 Bet
After the third round bet stops, the fifth public card will be issued, called “River”. This is the last public card. Then start the fourth round of the bet.


Example of display from Texas Hold’em table in showdown. After the last round of bets is over, players who have not been handled must choose a set of 5 best cards from 2 and 5 community cards and display them. The card in your hand, called the showdown, wins the player with the best deck.

If there is a tie (as good as two or more players, and at the same time the best hand), all players in the same hand divide the pot equally.

At this point the game is over and the next game begins. Dealer button moves clockwise one position.

Difference between No Limit Texas Hold’em and Limit Hold’em
The Texas Hold’em bet is limited to limit and there are no limits. Regardless of the game technique at stake, the rules of game and game are the same. The only difference is that the amount of funds that players can bet on is different.

Without Limits Texas Hold’em

Without a hold’em limit, each time you create a bet, the player can be “all down,” that is, the same bet with all the chips themselves. This type of game will trigger the player’s actions and create more interesting games, so there are no restrictions placed in Texas. The most popular poker show on television. This also means that players can make luck or chip loss, and novice players must be careful.

One rule that should be noted is that on an infinite table, the amount increased should be at least twice the amount of the bet from the previous player. For example, if a player bet $ 5, the next player should invest at least $ 10 if he wants to raise.

Video Tutorial – Watch, Learn and Win Your Jackpot

Basic Poker Rules – 7:35

Public license cards allow us to compile a royal flush, but you do not yet know it? This video introduces the basic rules of poker, the order of playing cards, and poker table operations. Allows us to easily learn the hottest poker game: No Limit Hold’em.

Rules of Performing – 1:18

This video states the showdown stage in the game, and when no cards are needed in No Limit Hold ’em. This also introduces the term poker as a “buried card” and provides a practical example of the game hand.

Start Hand – 3:32

Learn the differences between different hand begins, understand the implications of non-coupling and flush cards, and determine the strength of our hands before public cards are published. There are a number of basic strategies to win at the table.

Play the order of the card group size
Before playing cards, familiarize yourself with the following 10 decks. For the introduction of other game rules, like Omaha and Razz, please refer to so many poker game pages

Royal Flush

This is the largest deck in Texas Hold’em and belongs to A-K-Q-J-10 of the same type.

Straight flush

Five cards connected with opposite numbers but different designs. When not a few people have straight, the biggest player with the biggest hand victory.


4 cards with the same number of cards copied by other cards. A card with an opposing card is called a kick. When there are more than four people, more than four cards will win.


3 cards with the same number of cards added 2 cards with the same number of cards. When not a few people have pumpkins, more than three cards will win.


2 cards with the same number of cards multiplied by 3 different cards. When not a few people have a partner, the bigger is the winner.

Card scattered

Card beside the above card. When not a few people hold the card, the biggest player one of five cards wins.


Five cards of the same type but not connected. When many people have the flush, the biggest player with the greatest hand victory.


2 cards with the same number of cards plus 3 different cards. When many people have pairs, the bigger one is the winner.

Scattered cards

Cards other than the above cards. When more than one player holds a card, the biggest player among the five cards wins.

That’s all for the most handcard played by professional poker player, if you can master this, you just need to control yourself when playing poker. Because it’s not how you good remembering the card, but it’s how you good to control yourself and know when to stop.

If you want to learn how to play poker you can learn the easiest one for you.

Play to win and fun, don’t play until you bankrupt and ruin your lives.

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