Bandar Ceme Entrepreneurs Attend the Naraajie Match to Shadow The 2018 Asian Games Golf Stand

Bandar Ceme entrepreneurs really like golf, every weekend he spends time to play with his business partners. He also deeply idolizes Naraajie Emerald Ramadhan Putra from Indonesia. At the Asian Games competition, the ceme city dealer was very enthusiastic to see his favorite player.

Naraajie Emerald Ramadhan Putra overshadows the standings of the standings of each male branch of golf at the match on the first day of the 2018 Asian Games on Thursday (08/23/2018). He scored 69 blows or 3 under par. One stroke difference from Japanese golfer Keita Nakajima, who ranked first.

“I played pretty well, three below. It feels pretty satisfied with this result, “said Naraajie who managed to enter the 60th rank of World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR), a ranking that was once achieved by amateur Indonesian golfers. Once before he was successfully ranked 52.

Despite creating boogey on hole 13, Naraajie, who started on 10th hole, could again add to his game. “I just played three holes I have created a bogey. The holes are narrow and on the right there are air obstacles. I am struggling to calm down and thank God according to the target, “said Naraajie. In the second nine holes, he lay four birdies in a row in holes three to six. Two other bogey happened in holes two and eight.

“Tomorrow I hope to play even better. I don’t want not to think a little. Play as good as possible, “he said. He is in contact with Aadil Bedi from India and Ervin Chang from Malaysia.

Three other Indonesian male golfers must fight harder so they can compete for medals. Almay Rayhan Yaqutah prints 73 rolls or 1 above par. While Jonathan Wiyono and Kevin Caesario Akbar each scored 75 shots or 3 above par.

While there, the owner of Bandar Ceme also promoted his website to colleagues to join to become a member. He also told how to start his career in the gambling field until this success.

In the women’s individual number, Ayaka Furue from Japan rolled the standings with 67 strokes or 5 under par. Two strokes from Liu Wenbo (China) were associated with Sae Ogura (Japan), Mohan Du (China), and Riri Sadoyama (Japan). The next rank is occupied by Thai golfer Thitikul Atthaya with 64 blows or 3 below par.

“I am happy with the score I got today and feel comfortable with the blow that I made in the first round. Putting is the key to my game today. Facing the game later I will still be fun and play like today and will hone my driving skills. “Said Ayaka who created six birdies and got a bogey in the closing hole.

Ribka Vania became an Indonesian female golfer who scored the best results on the match of the first day. He scored 71 blows or 1 under par.

“My game today is pretty solid, even though in the morning I started slowly. Auction on the second nine I can find my game rhythm. I think I just introduced the feel, green and speed of placing and chipping. This creates me playing safe today. There is not a single bird that I get and I’m still positive and ready to use the game tomorrow, “explained Rebekah.

Another Indonesian golfer, Ida Ayu Indira Melati Putri, sports event. While Rivani Adelia Sihotang scored 77 shots or 5 under par.

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