Texas Hold’em Poker – Rules That You Should Know Before Even Thinking of Playing

Texas Hold’em is a very popular poker game in the world, and almost all major poker tournaments are Texas Hold’em. The Texas Hold’em bet is limited to limits and there are no restrictions, the rules are easy to learn, but it takes years to master Texas Hold’em. This section will introduce the basic rules and behavior of Texas Hold’em.

How to play Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em uses 52 standard cards, with players ranging from 2 to 10 players. Before the license, the player must first conclude the nominal “Banker”. Dealers do not need to issue cards (online poker table rooms are automatically handled, and games directly handled by casino dealers.) The “” button can be used to identify dealers, and the position of buttons is the dealer. The position of the dealer to judge which of the two players must force the “blind” (two players will be blind before watching the hole, to the point of calling it) In the blind list, the next player in the direction of the dealer’s hands must play “small blind” and the next player to play “blind big, “which is often twice the number of small blinds.The players on the table take turns, the makers, and take turns picking up the small blind and the big blind.

Once the curtain has been placed, all players will send 2 face-to-face cards, known as bottom cards, which can only be seen by players. Furthermore, five community cards will be published in order and given by all players. Each player can combine the best five-card deck of the seven above.
Four rounds of bets
Pre-flop – the first betting round
After the card is shared, before the first three public cards (i.e., “clips”) are issued, they are called “before failing”. All players have watched their own cards this time, starting the first round of betting and action, starting from the next player in the dealer’s clockwise direction.

When a player comes to action, the player’s actions include:
An example of a Texas Hold’em table look in a pre-flop betting round.

Placard: Hand over our hands and not be able to play a hand. After the cards are handed out, we will not be able to win the pot, nor will we be able to return to the pot, curtains.

Calls: This means the amount of wagers is equal to the number of previous player bets, indicating that we continue to play this hand. Please note that after failing, if you have never installed a player bet, you can choose to check.

Raise: The stakes are higher than previous players’ bets. If previously we have not been honored by the players, you can improve yourself.

An example of a Texas Hold’em table look in the betting round fails.
Flop – Second Bet
After the first betting round ended, 3 community cards will be issued, called “flops,” and then the second round of the bet will start, unlocked from the next player in the counter-clockwise direction.
Turn – Third Round Bet
After the second round of bets ends, a fourth public card will be issued, called “lap,” and a third bet will start.
River Card – Round 4 Bet
After the third round bet stops, the fifth public card will be issued, called “River”. This is the last public card. Then start the fourth round of the bet.


Example of display from Texas Hold’em table in showdown. After the last round of bets is over, players who have not been handled must choose a set of 5 best cards from 2 and 5 community cards and display them. The card in your hand, called the showdown, wins the player with the best deck.

If there is a tie (as good as two or more players, and at the same time the best hand), all players in the same hand divide the pot equally.

At this point the game is over and the next game begins. Dealer button moves clockwise one position.

Difference between No Limit Texas Hold’em and Limit Hold’em
The Texas Hold’em bet is limited to limit and there are no limits. Regardless of the game technique at stake, the rules of game and game are the same. The only difference is that the amount of funds that players can bet on is different.

Without Limits Texas Hold’em

Without a hold’em limit, each time you create a bet, the player can be “all down,” that is, the same bet with all the chips themselves. This type of game will trigger the player’s actions and create more interesting games, so there are no restrictions placed in Texas. The most popular poker show on television. This also means that players can make luck or chip loss, and novice players must be careful.

One rule that should be noted is that on an infinite table, the amount increased should be at least twice the amount of the bet from the previous player. For example, if a player bet $ 5, the next player should invest at least $ 10 if he wants to raise.

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