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The Pals Tourism Association

The Pals Tourism Association
The Pals Tourism Association is a body which brings together the majority of tourist-based businesses in the area and its surroundings. Our objectives involve the promotion of quality tourism during the entire year. This association mainly promotes four types of tourism, which differentiates us from others: family tourism, sports tourism, cultural tourism and culinary tourism.


We are a welcoming municipality and we try to provide the maximum number of facilities to those families who visit our area. Our establishments are focused on covering the needs for both young and old. What’s more this area provides many activities to satisfy everyone in the family. From beach activities (windsurfing, kayaking and bodyboarding) with beach bars to a cycle route, or a trip with the “Xiulet de Pals” to the Basses d'en Coll, and the rice fields, taking a trip around the historical centre of the town, where history speaks for itself.


Pals beach offers a host of activities for the restless, from windsurfing and kitesurfing, or any other watersport to golfing at our two outstanding golf courses, to tennis, paddle, mountain biking, walking routes, bird watching or a football match at our new pitch or the sports centre.


The area has always been well known for it cuisine, which is often linked to rice-based recipes. We have recipes to suit all tastes and budget requirements. From Michelin star restaurants to roast chicken. But you cannot say goodbye to Pals without having first tasted our casserole “arròs a la cassola”. Our “Rice Cooking” season runs from April through to May and gives you the chance to enjoy different recipes in a variety of different restaurants, where you will be told the secret of why the rice of Pals is the best in the world.


The historical centre of Pals hides fascinating stories with characters from medieval times who lived in the area. Pals was once the home to lords and ladies of yore, Sansa de Santa Eugenia, Elisenda de Montcada, Violant de Bar, Joana Enriquez and many other members of the feudal aristocracy. The town was once one of the most important sites with respect to Catalan naval tradition (there is a story that those who accompanied Columbus came from the town- Pals being known as “Palos” in Spanish). The hills of Pals hide features such as an Iberian town and a mine. Pals beach and the site of Radio Liberty –the site of CIA espionage- all go to show that this quiet place is full of hidden stories waiting to be told.

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