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Mapa Coneix Pals


Member's advantages

As well as promoting quality tourism, becoming part of the ATP has a lot of advantages:
1) You will be featured as a participating member in the 'Palsturisme Magazine'
2) You will gain a 20% discount in any adverts you want to publish in the magazine
3) If you are have a restaurant you will form part of our guide of recommended restaurants. This guide is distributed among hotels in the area and will soon be available in tourist information offices
4) Your business will be shown on our website as a recommended establishment and will be given preferential space
5) You will be featured in our guide of Pals establishments which is distributed around the world and helps promote local businesses

The PTA Board of Directors

The board of directors is the governing body of the Pals Tourism Association. Its representatives are:
President: Jean Paul Mulvaney
1st Vice President: Josep Revoltós
2nd Vice President: Josep Parals
3th Vice President: Joan Parals
Treasurer: Silvia Martķ
Secretary: Sandra Bisbe

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