Video Tutorial – Watch, Learn and Win Your Jackpot

Basic Poker Rules – 7:35

Public license cards allow us to compile a royal flush, but you do not yet know it? This video introduces the basic rules of poker, the order of playing cards, and poker table operations. Allows us to easily learn the hottest poker game: No Limit Hold’em.

Rules of Performing – 1:18

This video states the showdown stage in the game, and when no cards are needed in No Limit Hold ’em. This also introduces the term poker as a “buried card” and provides a practical example of the game hand.

Start Hand – 3:32

Learn the differences between different hand begins, understand the implications of non-coupling and flush cards, and determine the strength of our hands before public cards are published. There are a number of basic strategies to win at the table.

Play the order of the card group size
Before playing cards, familiarize yourself with the following 10 decks. For the introduction of other game rules, like Omaha and Razz, please refer to so many poker game pages

Royal Flush

This is the largest deck in Texas Hold’em and belongs to A-K-Q-J-10 of the same type.

Straight flush

Five cards connected with opposite numbers but different designs. When not a few people have straight, the biggest player with the biggest hand victory.


4 cards with the same number of cards copied by other cards. A card with an opposing card is called a kick. When there are more than four people, more than four cards will win.


3 cards with the same number of cards added 2 cards with the same number of cards. When not a few people have pumpkins, more than three cards will win.


2 cards with the same number of cards multiplied by 3 different cards. When not a few people have a partner, the bigger is the winner.

Card scattered

Card beside the above card. When not a few people hold the card, the biggest player one of five cards wins.


Five cards of the same type but not connected. When many people have the flush, the biggest player with the greatest hand victory.


2 cards with the same number of cards plus 3 different cards. When many people have pairs, the bigger one is the winner.

Scattered cards

Cards other than the above cards. When more than one player holds a card, the biggest player among the five cards wins.

That’s all for the most handcard played by professional poker player, if you can master this, you just need to control yourself when playing poker. Because it’s not how you good remembering the card, but it’s how you good to control yourself and know when to stop.

If you want to learn how to play poker you can learn the easiest one for you.

Play to win and fun, don’t play until you bankrupt and ruin your lives.

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